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Swing gate motor

Swing gate motor

Swing gate motor Swing gate motor Swing gate motor Swing gate motor
Product name : Swing gate motor
Item : Swing Door Operator for door wight less than 120KG
Details :

 International leading high-tech,china's top level,modern intelligent door controller.

.applicable to vertical hinged door of all material .

.door width less than 1200mm

.door weight less than 120kg

.working procedure: opening signal -unlocking control -open-brake the door-hold open-automatic close-buffer-


.automatic opening angle is 80-130

opening hold adjustable 0~60seconds

opening rate adjustable 3~6 seconds

closing rate adjustable 3~6 seconds

remote contorl functions Cipher code wireless remote-control opening ,

remote control opening hold ,remote-control closing and remote -control against opening

Automatic protection against overloading unapplied

Intlligent protection against obstacle applied.

Alarming against error applied.

Intelligent overheating protection applied.

Closing buffer applied.

Electric lock control cntinuously adjustable.

locking torque adjustment applied

opening buffer applied.

power supply AC220,AC18/DC20V

Input power static/maximum 6W/45W

Dimensions of the main engine 450mm(length)*80mm(height)*80mm(Thickzintelligent protection against 

obstacle applied

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